A chi tocca?

Una storiella che fa riflettere

Questa è la storia di quattro fratelli di nome: Ognuno, Qualcuno, Chiunque e Nessuno.

C’era da fare un lavoro importante e a Ognuno fu chiesto di farlo. Chiunque era sicuro che Qualcuno lo avrebbe fatto, ma Nessuno lo fece.

Qualcuno si arrabbiò a causa di ciò perchè era un lavoro di Ognuno. Ma Ognuno aveva pensato che Chiunque avrebbe potuto farlo; Nessuno si rese conto che Ognuno non l’avrebbe fatto. Andò a finire che Ognuno biasimò Qualcuno, quando Nessuno fece ciò che Chiunque avrebbe potuto fare.

Morale: se Ognuno facesse quel che dovrebbe fare, se Qualcuno desse una mano, se si avesse fiducia in Chiunque, Nessuno criticherebbe … ed il lavoro sarebbe fatto presto, bene e in allegria.


A little story that makes you think

An Italian friend recently sent me this little story in Italian. It made me think because I have observed that there is a tendency, especially in Italy, to expect others to do things that each one of us could do, for instance keep public places and the environment clean and tidy so that everyone can appreciate them better. The story is also interesting from a grammatical point of view: it contains past historic, subjunctive as well as the conditional and perfect conditional (which is when you express an action that represents the future in the past). Try to spot all of these tenses! Here is my translation.

This is the story of four brothers called Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody.

An important job needed to be done and Everybody was asked to do it. Anybody was sure that Somebody would do it, but Nobody did it.

Somebody got angry as a result because it was Everybody’s job. But Everybody had thought that Anybody could have done it; Nobody realised that Everybody would not have done it [apologies for the awkward English!]. In the end Everybody blamed Somebody when in fact Nobody did what Everybody could have done.

Moral of the story: If Everybody did what he/she should do, if Somebody lent a hand, if one trusted Anybody, Nobody would criticise … and the job would get done quickly, well and  joyfully.

Yvette Devlin