Another delightful year

Another delightful year

Yes, 2013 was another delightful year for Dante Musica Viva. I’ve had a wonderful time and I truly believe that music (in my case singing) is food for my soul. I invariably come home after practice or a performance humming away at peace with the world. Sure, sometimes there can be frustrations but generally perseverance leads to better performances. Last year I suspect we broke all records with 23 gigs.

We rarely say no to a request to sing, however, requests from the Italian community will always have priority. Frequently from a predominantly Italian group there is audience participation and this will spur us on to greater heights. However, I do remember one gig at the Mirinjani Retirement Village where hardly anyone spoke Italian. The area allocated to us was quite small, so with a record turn up from the Village, plus friends, choir and musicians it was a tight squeeze. As a result our audience behaved as if they were part of the choir and the crowning glory was Yvette dancing (while singing) with one of the elderly gentlemen. (What will we do when she leaves us?)

In my memory the usual favourites stand out. I particularly enjoy singing at the Italian Club, so thank you to the Club for inviting us to your 50th anniversary. Also thank you for the Friulani picnic, Villaggio San Antonio, the Giuliani Society, the Vicentini Society and the Italian Community concert in Queanbeyan. I also enjoyed singing again at the Fyshwick Markets.

If you are learning Italian I suggest that singing with the choir will help with your vocabulary. Mind you there is a small proviso to this statement. The words that stand out for me are profumare, amore, prendimi, palpito and malinconia. Romantic lot those Italians!

The other side of the coin is that we also sing in dialect. Guess what sul pajon, ciuri, mula or fornarina mean. Confusing lot those Italians!

Hope very much to see and hear you next year. All the best.

Marie Wright