Poetry corner - Diego Valeri (2)

Poetry corner – Diego Valeri (2)

In the last edition of this newsletter I presented a poem on Venice by Diego Valeri. As I like this poet very much because of…

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Poetry corner - Diego Valeri

Poetry corner – Diego Valeri

Diego Valeri is a very accessible 20th c. poet. Born near Padua in January 1887, he died in Rome in November 1976. He pursued a…

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Poetry corner - O'Connor

Poetry corner – O’Connor

This month I wish to feature a poem inspired by an olive tree, written by local poet Mark O’Connor while sojourning in Italy. It’s in…

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Poetry corner - Fortini

Poetry corner – Fortini

Franco Fortini (10 Sept 1917-28 Nov 1994) is a poet, essaying, literary critic and intellectual – and a controversial figure in the 20th century cultural…

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Poetry corner - Petrarca

Poetry corner – Petrarca

While Dante (1265-1321) is regarded as the father of the Italian language, two other figures stand out as also co-fathering it: Petrarca (1304-1374) and Boccaccio…

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