Advance Australia fair

Advance Australia fair was established as Australia’s national anthem in a proclamation by the then Governor-General, Sir Ninian Stephen, on 19 April, 1984. The tune is that of the original song composed by Peter Dodds McCormick (1834?–1916) in 1878, and the two official verses are modified versions of the first and third of Dodds McCormick’s original.


Scores and lyrics on other sites

Copyright on the official lyrics of the Australian national anthem is held by the Commonwealth of Australia, who also holds the copyright on various musical arrangements of the tune. The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet has made copies of the official lyrics and some musical arrangements available for download from its website:

Score in B♭for four voices in pdf format
Vocal score in G (SATB + piano) in pdf format
Official lyrics in pdf format

Copyright on the melody of Advance Australia fair, and on Dodds McCormick’s original lyrics and musical arrangements has now expired, and these are consequently now in the public domain. Copies of some versions of them are available from the website of the National Library:

Second edition (1879) of Dodds McCormick’s original in C
A version of Dodds McCormick’s in C, published between 1910 and 1919