Funiculì Funiculà

Funiculì Funiculà is probably the second most famous Neapolitan song after ’O sole mio. It was composed in 1880 by Luigi Denza, at the prompting of its lyricist, Giovanni “Peppino” Turco, to celebrate the opening of the first funicular railway to the top of Mount Vesuvius, earlier in the same year.

Denza entered it in the song contest of the festival of Piedigrotta of 1880, which it won. The sheet music for the song subsequently sold more than a million copies in a single year.


Score in E♭ at the IMSLP website.

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Performances on YouTube

Claudio Villa
Andrea Bocelli
Giuseppe di Stefano

Neapolitan lyrics

Aissera, Nanninè, me ne sagliette,
Tu saje addó? tu saje addó?
Addó ‘sto core ‘ngrato cchiù dispietto
Farme nun pò! Farme nun pò!
Addó lu fuoco coce, ma se fuje
Te lassa sta! Te lassa sta!
E nun te corre appriesso, nun te struje
sulo a guardà, sulo a guardà.

Jammo, jammo ‘ncoppa, jammo jà,
Jammo, jammo ‘ncoppa, jammo jà,
Funiculì funiculà!
Funiculì funiculà!
‘ncoppa jammo jà
Funiculì funiculà!

Nè … jammo: da la terra a la montagna
No passo nc’è; No passo nc’è;
Se vede Francia, Proceta, la Spagna …
E io veco a te, io veco a te.
Tirate co lli fune nnitto, nfatto,
Ncielo se va, ncielo se va.
Se va comm’ ‘a llo viento a l’antrasatto,
Guè, saglie, sà. Guè, saglie, sà.


Se n’è sagliuta, oie Nè, se n’è sagliuta
La capa già! La capa già!
È ghiuta, pò è tornata, e pò è venuta
Sta sempe ccà! Sta sempe ccà!
La capa vota, vota, attuorno, attuorno
Attuorno a te! Attuorno a te
Llo core canta sempe no taluorno
Sposammo, oie nè! Sposammo, oie nè


English translation*

This evening, Annie, I went up.
Do you know where? Do you know where?
Where your ungrateful heart
Can no longer spite me! Can no longer spite me!
Where the fire burns, but if you flee
It will let you be! It will let you be!
And it won’t run after you; It won’t harm you
Just to look at it, just to look at it.

Let’s go, let’s go up, let’s go there,
Let’s go, let’s go up, let’s go there,
Funiculì funiculà!
Funiculì funiculà!
Let’s go up there
Funiculì funiculà!

Annie … let’s go: from the plain to the mountain
There’s one way there; There’s one way there;
You can see France, Procida and Spain …
And I’ll look at you, I’ll look at you.
Quick as a flash, pulled by the cables,
You go up to the sky, you go up to the sky.
You go all of a sudden, just like the wind,
Oh, go up, go up. Oh, go up, go up.


It’s gone up there, Annie, it’s gone up there,
My head has already! My head has already!
It went, then it turned round, and then it came back
It stays here yet! It stays here yet!
It turns and turns, round and around
It turns around you! It turns around you!
My heart is always singing the same old song:
Let’s get married, Annie! Let’s get married, Annie!


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*This translation, by David Wilson, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.