Molighé ‘l fil che svoli

Molighé ‘l fil che svoli is a popular Friulian folk song, set to music taken from a march, Wien bleibt Wien (Vienna will always be Vienna), composed by the Viennese composer, Johann Schrammel (1850–1893). Dante Musica Viva sings Molighé ‘l fil che svoli as the opening bracket of a medley which continues with Viva l’A e pò bon and La galina con dò teste, and concludes with the chorus Sì sì Trieste.

The words of the song are those of a woman who compares the breaking of her engagement to the release of a scarab beetle which had been tethered by a thread. The metaphor refers to a practice, apparently common amongst children of the time, of tying a thread to the leg of a scarab beetle so that it was held like a dog on a leash, and couldn’t fly away.


Performances on YouTube

Klapa Volta.                                              A wonderful a cappella rendition of the song.
Gruppo Costumi Tradizionali Bisiachi .    This version is closer to that used by Dante Musica Viva.

Friulian lyrics

Molighé ‘l fil che svoli
quel mandriol peloso.
Voleva che lo sposo
e inveze lo go lassà.

El me ga dà una vera
de quele de coltrina
bonora stamatina
la fuga el ga ciapà!

English translation

Undo the thread so he can fly away,
that hairy scarab beetle.
He wanted me to marry him,
but instead I let him escape.

He gave me a wedding band
consisting of a curtain ring.
Early this morning
he began his flight!