‘O surdato ‘nnammurato

‘O surdato ‘nnammurato (“The soldier in love”) is a popular Neapolitan love song with music composed by Enrico Cannio (1874-1949), Neapolitan lyrics by Aniello Califano (1870-1919), and first published by Ennio Gennarelli in 1915. It has remained popular throughout Italy—and beyond—ever since, and has been adopted by followers of the first-division football team, Napoli, as their unofficial anthem. Dante Musica Viva sings an arrangement by Claudio Riffero published in Le Canzoni di Napoli by BMG Ricordi in 2000.

The words of the song are those of a soldier addressing his beloved from his post at the front during the first world war. They tell of his love for her and how much he longs to have her near him.


September 2013 lyrics

Performances on YouTube

Luciano Pavarotti
Andrea Bocelli
Anna Magnani (unusual, non-traditional, but very moving)