Sì sì Trieste

Sì sì Trieste is the chorus of a popular Friulian song, Santi Ricordi, also known under the title, Su le tori l’alabarda, taken from its opening words. The song’s lyrics were written by Luigi Krisan Crociato and its music by Ermanno Leban. It was first performed at a choral festival in Trieste in 1898. The chorus is often combined with verses taken from other folk songs of the region. Dante Musica Viva sings it as the final chorus of a medley comprising Molighé ‘l fil che svoli, Viva l’A e pò bon, and La galina con dò teste.


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Giorgio Manzin

Friulian lyrics

Sì, sì Trieste, te amo sempre
Amo i tui fiori, li go sul cuor,
Qua go la cuna, qua go la tomba,
Viva Trieste, tera d’amor!

English translation

Yes, yes, Trieste, I will always love you
I love your flowers; I keep them in my heart
Here, I had my cradle; here I will have my grave.
Long live Trieste, land of love!