Espressioni idiomatiche

Espressioni idiomatiche

Here are three idiomatic expressions and a false friend.

Prendersela – [composed of the verb prendere in the reflexive form + la meaning for/about it] means to get upset/feel hurt for/about something. Ex: non prendertela – non intendeva offenderti = don’t get upset – he didn’t mean to offend you.

Tenerci – [composed of the verb tenere + ci meaning about something] means to care about something. Ex: ci tengo molto alla puntualità = I really care about punctuality / punctuality is important to me.

Farcela – [composed of the verb fare + ci + la which becomes cela meaning it/something] means to succeed/manage to do something. Ex: finalmente ce l’ha fatta: è stato promosso! = He finally made it: he’s passed! and non ce la faccio più, sono stanchissima = I can’t stand it any longer/cannot go on, I’m very tired.

Occorrere and occur have different meanings. Check out these examples.

Mi occorrono tre uova per la torta = I need three eggs for the cake [note the Italian construction: three eggs are needed by me]; Cosa ti occorre adesso? = what do you need/require now?; mi occorre un cacciavite = I need a screwdriver.

It occurred to me that she might be overseas = mi è venuto in mente che potrebbe essere all’estero.

What occurred last night is unforgivable = quello/ciò che è successo ieri sera è imperdonabile.

Yvette Devlin