Poetry corner - Cardarelli

Poetry corner – Cardarelli

Vincenzo Cardarelli, who was born as Nazareno Caldarelli in 1887 in the Lazio region, was an Italian journalist, writer and poet. In 1906 he moved to Rome where he began working as a journalist. His publications span about 30 years in the first half of the XX century. He died in Rome in 1959.

The town where he was born, Tarquinia, now holds an annual literary event that culminates in the awarding of the Cardarelli Prize.

This short poem needs to be read from the standpoint of someone living in the Northern Hemisphere where autumn begins in September. But it is timely for us in the Southern Hemisphere where autumn has commenced. It conveys a sense of loss and sadness – a lengthy farewell. I found a good translation on the internet. It is by the Literary Joint.


Autunno. Già lo sentimmo venire
nel vento d’agosto,
nelle pioggie di settembre
torrenziali e piangenti
e un brivido percorse la terra
che ora, nuda e triste,
accoglie un sole smarrito.
Ora passa e declina,
in quest’autunno che incede
con lentezza indicibile,
il miglior tempo della nostra vita
e lungamente ci dice addio.


Autumn. We felt its coming
in the wind of August,
in the rains of September
torrential and weeping
and a shiver ran through the earth
which now, bare and sad,
welcomes a bewildered sun.
Now it passes and declines,
in this Autumn that progresses
with unspeakable slowness,
the best time of our life
and lengthily bids us farewell.

Yvette Devlin