Stop whingeing!

Stop whingeing!

In English you very commonly use before/after to indicate the timing of particular actions. Let’s see how you translate them into Italian. The most important thing to remember is that instead of the participle, in Italian you must use the infinitive of the verb. The other important thing is that you use the preposition di with prima but not with dopo.

Before going to bed I have a cup of chamomile tea = Prima di andare a letto bevo/prendo una tazza di camomilla.

Before going out to play, Pierino must finish his homework = Prima di uscire a giocare Pierino deve finire i compiti.

After graduating, my daughter moved to Sydney for work = Dopo essersi laureata, mia figlia si è trasferita a Sydney per lavoro (note that to graduate becomes reflexive in Italian – laurearsi).

After reading the reviews of this film I decided not to go and see it = Dopo aver letto le recensioni su questo film ho deciso di non andare a vederlo.

The English verb to stop is a very useful word that applies to many situations. But it’s not so straight forward in Italian. Look at the way it is translated in different contexts.

He stopped the car just before crashing into the guard rail = ha fermato la macchina poco prima di sbattere contro la guardrail.

I carabinieri hanno fermato i ragazzi che stavano per entrare senza biglietti = the military police stopped the young people who were about to enter without tickets (in these cases fermare is used as a transitive verb ie you stop something or someone).

Mi sono fermata al semaforo = I stopped at the traffic lights (here the verb is reflexive – fermarsi).

My uncle stopped smoking after being diagnosed with lung cancer = Mio zio ha smesso di fumare dopo aver ricevuto la diagnosi di cancro ai polmoni (to stop or quit doing something = smettere di fare qualcosa).

Stop whingeing! = Smettila di lamentarti! (lamentarsi di qualcosa = to complain/ whinge about sthg).

Children, stop ringing the bell! = Bambini, smettete di suonare il campanello di casa!

Yvette Devlin