To look? Guardare o...

To look? Guardare o…

The intransitive verb to look is commonly used in English, usually with the preposition at, with the meaning of guardare. Here is a typical sentence I’m looking at the moon and the stars = sto guardando la luna e le stelle. [Note that in Italian it is transitive and therefore does not use a preposition – it’s followed by a direct object]. But the verb needs to be translated differently in other contexts. Pay attention to these examples:

Italians always want to look good (ie make a good impression) = Gli italiani ci tengono a fare bella figura.

You look really good in this dress = Sei proprio bella con questo abito; questo abito ti sta proprio bene.

Mario looks good today = Mario ha un bell’aspetto oggi.

The dog looked aggressive and I was scared = Il cane sembrava aggressivo ed io avevo paura.

Anna looks pale. Could she be sick? = Anna sembra pallida. È forse ammalata?

Then there is the expression: Look out! Which translates as Attenzione! Attento/a!