Grotta Azzurra – Blue Grotto

Grotta Azzurra – Blue Grotto

Going inside a grotto is usually pretty exciting and can feel rather magical but imagine taking this magic to another level what if the waters were sapphire blue… well believe it or not there is a sea cave like this on the coast of Capri, Southern Italy.

This amazing cave is 60 metres long and 25 metres wide that is bigger than an Olympic swimming pool!

The entrance is two metres wide and roughly one metre tall, it is safe to access when tides are low and sea is calm.

When visitors entre the Grotto they lie flat on a small four-person rowboat, the oarsman then use a metal chain attached to the cave wall to guide the boat in the Grotto.

How does the Grotto get this colour? Sunlight passing through the under water cavity and shining through the sea water creates a blue reflection that illuminates the cavern!

I have never been to the Blue Grotto but would love to go!

Elody Jaccoud (10 yrs. and 10 months old)