Cultural Event this Thursday at 8pm: Matteo Bandello's 'Romeo and Juliet'!

Cultural Event this Thursday at 8pm: Matteo Bandello’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’!

Matteo Bandello’s ‘Romeo and Juliet

The Italian story that inspired the world’s most famous love story at the Italian Cultural Centre (80 Franklin Street, Forrest 6153 ACT) at 8pm, Thursday 29 February 2024. The event is free to all members and friends of the Dante.

Michael Curtotti shares with us how a story written by Italian monk, Matteo Bandello, made its way to England and became part of world culture. Michael has recently released a new English translation of Matteo Bandello’s story. As well as introducing Bandello’s life and exploring how his story influenced Shakespeare, Michael will share readings from his new translation of Matteo Bandello’s beautiful prose.

Michael is a practising lawyer and a writer in his spare time. He has previously translated Luigi Capuana’s Il Drago and has written numerous articles on Italian culture, history and literature on his author website at: