In Memoriam: Danila Marinolli and Andrew Italiano

In Memoriam: Danila Marinolli and Andrew Italiano

The Committee of the Dante Alighieri Society of Canberra was deeply saddened by the recent separate deaths of Danila Marinolli and Andrew Italiano, two long-term members and supporters of the Society.

Danila, who served as Vice-President of the Society for seven years (2004-2010 inclusive) and was previously a member of the Committee for several years, passed away suddenly on 16 September 2019.  Her service on the Committee coincided with a period of considerable transformation for the Society and Danila contributed significantly to the development of the policies and strategies for its subsequent growth and prosperity.

Danila’s reserved and unassuming nature belied her commitment to many important tasks, which she performed with efficiency and without fanfare, particularly while in the position of Vice-President.  These included several years editing of the Dante Review and leading a conversation group, organising some cultural events including some Italian cards Briscola competitions and providing technical support to speakers in the Society’s cultural program.

Not only did she give freely of her time, but also ensured the regular presence of her loving partner as her chief assistant and helper in setting up the room and the sound equipment for cultural events.

Danila’s partner of more than 20 years, Andrew Italiano was also for many years a committed member and volunteer in the Society.  Grieving the loss of his beloved, Andrew passed away on 13 October 2019 after a long-term battle with a serious illness.

Danila and Andrew were popular and well-liked and many current members of the Society will undoubtedly have fond memories of them.  They will be dearly missed.

On behalf of the Society, the Committee extends deepest sympathies and sincere condolences to their families and friends.  The Society is deeply grateful for their many years of dedicated service and support.  May they rest in peace.