The English verb to get is one of the most serviceable verbs as it can be combined with so many adjectives to express a developing situation. While it can sometimes be translated into Italian as ‘diventare’ followed by an adjective, more often than not this does not work. So this time I’ll focus on some of the most common usages of this verb with its Italian equivalent. (Note that many of the equivalent Italian verbs are reflexive and therefore require the auxiliary essere.)

To get pregnant – rimanere incinta

To get tired = stancarsi

To get sick = ammalarsi

To get better = sentirsi meglio o migliorare

To get worse = sentirsi peggio o peggiorare

To get wet = bagnarsi

To get dry = asciugarsi

To get drunk = ubriacarsi

To get angry = arrabbiarsi

To get annoyed/irritated = irritarsi/seccarsi

To get crazy = impazzire

To get away (andare in vacanza) = andarsene, cambiare aria

To get near the city centre = avvicinarsi al centro della città

To get away from the crowd = allontanarsi dalla folla

To get a haircut = farsi tagliare i capelli

To get acquainted with the neighbours – fare la conoscenza dei vicini

But:  To get/make/drive your parents mad/crazy = far impazzire i genitori

Yvette Alberti