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Are you thinking of learning a new language? Maybe Italian? Did you know that you already speak some Italian every day? Allegro, bravo, piano, forte, lento, fiasco, finale, soprano, tenore, diva, bel canto, pergola, tombola, patio, al fresco, al dente and that’s not including Italian food…

You know more than you think and here you can find out about the courses we offer.

The Dante Alighieri Society of Canberra offers Italian language classes as well as conversation classes. There are two intakes for absolute beginners each year, in January (Term 1) and in July (Term 3). If you have received prior instruction in Italian and are unsure what level you are at, please take this online placement test. Please refer to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (below), which outlines the competencies gained upon completion of each class level.

The Dante Alighieri Society also offers private language tuition. Depending on your goals and interests, we can work on grammar, vocabulary, writing, listening, conversation… or all of the above! No matter what level you are, the Society offers personalised tutoring to help achieving your goals. You can choose to have one-to-one tutoring, or get friends and family together to learn in small groups. 

All classes are held in person at the Italian Cultural Centre (80 Franklin Street, Forrest ACT 2603).

Textbooks can be purchased from the Dante Office during opening hours for a price of $60.

All language students must also be members of the Society. Please fill out the online enrolment form.


Term 1: Monday 30th January to 31st March
Term 2: Monday 24th April to 23rd June
Term 3: Monday 17th July to 15th September
Term 4: Monday 9th October to 8th December

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Term 4 Classes Schedule