Membership costs $25 per year (Jan-Dec) for individuals, $12.50 for full-time students and pensioners, $7.50 for children under 16. Memberships for the Dante Musica Viva choir costs an additional $10.

Every year, from August, memberships are half price for all members because of the relatively short time remaining until the end of the year.


– The opportunity to enrol in Italian language courses and conversation groups;
– Regular cultural activities including a wide range of interesting and informative speakers;
– Discounts to attend language and culture courses in Italy;
– Access to our Italian language library;
– Receive our bimonthly newsletter the Canberra Dante Review;
– The opportunity to join our choir, the Dante Musica Viva;
– Voting status at the Dante Alighieri Society Canberra Annual General Meeting;
– The chance to be part of a vibrant society that promotes Italian language and culture.

How do I join?

Joining is simple – just click on the ‘online membership form‘ and submit your details.