online enrolment form: language classes for Aeon Academy Students at Yarralumla Primary School

Term 3 enrolments are now open! Classes begin on Wednesday the 24th of July.

Please note: Classes are subject to strict restrictions on numbers. Please submit your enrolment form and wait for the Office to contact you with payment details. The fee for Term 3 is $120. Classes will take place after school on Wednesday afternoons at Aeon Academy, Yarralumla Primary School.

All students must be enrolled in the Aeon Academy afterschool program at Yarralumla Primary School.

To complete your enrolment, please fill out and send us the ACT Community Language Schools Association Enrolment form which can be downloaded here and requires the endorsement and signature of the regular day school attended by the child.

When enrolling multiple children, please submit one form and ACT Community Language Schools Association Enrolment form per child. Please keep your enrolment receipt to present to Aeon Academy upon your child’s first class.

    Is your child a student of Yarralumla Primary School in Canberra?* YesNo

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    Are you (parent/responsible guardian) already a member of the Dante Alighieri Society of Canberra? If not, please fill out the online membership form and follow steps for payment*

    Will you (parent/responsible guardian) email us the required ACT CLSA form once completed?*


    By filling in this form, you agree to abide by the Privacy Notice and the Rules and Regulations of the Dante Alighieri Society.

    Please make sure to click the ‘send’ button above before payment.

    Please note that your enrolment will not be valid until we receive confirmation of payment.

    Bank Transfer

    If you wish to finalise your enrolment via bank transfer, please issue a direct deposit into the following account:

    Name: Dante Alighieri Society
    BSB: 082 902
    Account No: 515 003 825
    (Please include your surname and initials as reference when paying by EFT)

    Square Online Checkout

    Alternatively, to pay by card securely and instantly, please visit the below link:

    $120 for Term 3 Children’s Classes at Yarralumla Primary School