Online Enrolment Form: Language and Cultural Classes for Adults

Term 2 enrolments are now open. Term begins Monday April 29.

All classes will run for nine weeks and are subject to a minimum of six enrolments in order to proceed. Alternatively, a class of five students can elect to continue with a reduced number of seven lessons for the same fee. If the minimum number of enrolments is not met, all students will receive a full refund.

Unless otherwise advised, all classes will take place in-person at the Italian Cultural Centre (80 Franklin Street, Forrest ACT 2603). The early bird discount for adult language classes has ended. The fee for all 9-week language courses has returned to $400. If required, textbooks can be purchased from the Dante Office during opening hours for a price of $60. Enrolments will officially close Monday 22 April.

If you are unsure about your level of Italian and which class you should join, please visit our online placement test.

In term 2, the Dante will begin a new 5-week course titled ‘Prime Parole’ by Sergio Sergi! This is a ‘survival’ course designed for absolute beginners who plan to travel in Italy, and are looking to gain important skills, such as asking for assistance and directions! The broad topics are (1) Presentare / Introduction, (2) Mangiare / Eating, (3) Dormire / Sleeping, (4) Viaggiare / Travelling, (5) Comprare / Buying …and the words of the Italian National Anthem! Lessons are 1.5 hours each, from 5:30 to 7:00pm on Thursday evenings. Classes will consist of a maximum of 6 students and will begin on Thursday, May 2nd. The term fee is $200.


A1.2 with Stefano and/or Guendalina (6-8pm) (two classes will run if numbers permit)

A1.4 with Tindara (6-8pm)


A1.2 with Flavio (6-8pm)

A2.3 with Guendalina (6-8pm)

B1.1 with Jo (6-8pm)


A2.1 with Marilu (10am-12pm)

A2.1 with Alessia (6-8pm)

B2.1 with Flavio (6-8pm)

C2.6 with Marilu (1:30-3:30pm)


A1.2 with Tindara (7-9pm)

‘Prime Parole’ by Sergio (5:30-7pm)

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    $400 for all 9-week language courses