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Conversation classes are held on Thursday evenings at the Italian Cultural Centre (80 Franklin Street, Forrest 2603) from 7-9pm during term. The term schedule is as follows:

Term 1 – Monday 5 February to Friday 5 April.

Term 2 – Monday 29 April to Friday 28 June.

Term 3 – Monday 22 July to Friday 20 September.

Term 4 – Monday 14 October to Friday to 11 December.

Groups are led by dedicated volunteers who have a solid background in the Italian language. The aim of the conversation evenings is to reinforce people’s learning of the language in a friendly and non-threatening environment, and to encourage people to speak and practise as much as possible.

Naturally, the conversation will depend on the interests of leaders and the individual group members, so it’s up to everyone to think of interesting topics to discuss. Upon request, group leaders are happy to give advice on grammar and correct usage of Italian words, keeping in mind that the focus of these evenings is conversation.

When you come to your first conversation class, our friendly Office staff will be able to give you guidance as to the level of conversation group suitable for you. We offer two conversation classes at the intermediate and advanced levels. It is always possible to try out each group to find what suits you best.

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    Fees for the conversation classes are as follows:

    $50    10 class voucher booklet (does not expire).
    $25   5 class voucher booklet (does not expire).

    Once purchased, conversation class vouchers must be collected from the Office during opening hours.

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    $25 for five conversation class vouchers.

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