cultural events

The Dante Alighieri Society of Canberra Events Calendar for a taste of the exciting events to enjoy Italy and its culture

17 August (cancelled)
Hark the Heart – Hark the Heart Duo (Lydia Monzo and Rosanna Stevens) will brief the audience on a musical project which will see them travel to Italy to explore and reclaim identities that have been influenced by Italian migration and the consequent diasporic assimilation. They will also perform a selection of their repertoire. Not to be missed!

14 September
Leonardo, we hardly knew you! – The transmission of the intellectual achievements of the Arab civilisaton and those it had inherited from its Babylonian, Greek and Indian predecessors to the scholars, artisans and merchants of Europe was one of the major sources of inspiration for the Renaissance. Come along to hear David Wilson outline the development of these ideas, their transmission to Europe and the role they played in its intellectual development – with a special guest star. Leonardo of course!

5 October
Italian Trivia Night

2 November
Literature: Joseph Falsone – The Truth of Fiction: Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels

23 November
End-of-year function: musical entertainment including Dante Musica Viva choir, cooking competition, refreshments

All cultural events are held at 8pm on Thursday evenings except the final event of the year which starts at 7pm.

Venue: Function Room – Level 2, Notaras Multicultural Centre (180 London Circuit)

9 March
Arts: Gordon Bull – the early-Renaissance painter Giotto

6 April
Poetry: Mark O’Connor – Shakespeare as an Italian

22 June
Politics: David Ritchie – Europe’s future, and why should we care?

20 July
Literature: Rory Steele – The amazing life of mountaineer, diplomat and prisoner of war Felice Benuzzi