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The Dante Alighieri Society of Canberra Events Calendar for a taste of the exciting events to enjoy Italy and its culture

Upcoming Events


2021 Cultural Activities

March (TBC)
Welcome Function

• 18 March
Visioni Sarde


2020 Cultural Activities

21- 23 February
DAS Canberra @National Multicultural Festival

•27 February
Presentation by Yvette Devlin – Aldo Giurgola and his Italian Roots

25 March
Dantedì a national day dedicated to Dante Alighieri. – CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19 (ONLINE PRESENTATION AVAILABLE)

• 1-18 October 2020
Italian Film Festival

• 29 October 2020
Annual General Meeting

2019 Cultural Activities

5 December | 6:00pm
Aperitivo Italiano

• 27 October | 11:30am – 3:00pm
Festa dei Nonni

3 October & 11 October
Italian Film Festival

8 August | 8pm
Visions of Dante – A presentation by Michael Curtotti

7 June | 6pm | Joe’s bar
Aperitivo Italiano – An event for the younger Generation

17 May | 7pm | Cultural Centre, Forrest
Learn to play briscola night

2 May
History of a destiny overturned – A presentation by Concetta Cirigliano Perna

4 April
Annual General Meeting

7 March
Everyday resistance in Tuscany – A presentation by Judith Pabian

3 March
Carnevale – An event for adults and children

15 – 17 February
DAS Canberra @National Multicultural Festival

9 February
Aperitivo Italiano – An event for the younger Generation


2018 Cultural Activities

29 November
End-of-year function: musical entertainment including Dante Musica Viva Choir, cooking competition, refreshments

22 November
Presentation by Frank Pangallo (Former Mayor of Queanbeyan)

23 September
Drinks at the Movies: DAS Member’s Event at the Lavazza Italian Film Festival

16 August
Aperitivo Italiano – An event for the younger Generation


2017 Cultural Activities

23 November
End-of-year function: musical entertainment including Dante Musica Viva choir, cooking competition, refreshments

2 November
Literature: Joseph Falsone – The Truth of Fiction: Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels

5 October
Italian Trivia Night

14 September
Leonardo, we hardly knew you! – The transmission of the intellectual achievements of the Arab civilisaton and those it had inherited from its Babylonian, Greek and Indian predecessors to the scholars, artisans and merchants of Europe was one of the major sources of inspiration for the Renaissance. Come along to hear David Wilson outline the development of these ideas, their transmission to Europe and the role they played in its intellectual development – with a special guest star. Leonardo of course!

17 August (cancelled)
Hark the Heart – Hark the Heart Duo (Lydia Monzo and Rosanna Stevens) will brief the audience on a musical project which will see them travel to Italy to explore and reclaim identities that have been influenced by Italian migration and the consequent diasporic assimilation. They will also perform a selection of their repertoire. Not to be missed!

20 July
Literature: Rory Steele – The amazing life of mountaineer, diplomat and prisoner of war Felice Benuzzi

22 June
Politics: David Ritchie – Europe’s future, and why should we care?

6 April
Poetry: Mark O’Connor – Shakespeare as an Italian

9 March
Arts: Gordon Bull – the early-Renaissance painter Giotto


2016 Cultural Activities

24 February
Sports – Clinica Mobile for motorcycle racing around the world

17 March
Art and History – Sara D’Alessandro: “Perspective. From Brunelleschi to Michelangelo: a system for reading the world”

21 April
Cinema – Gino Moliterno: the life and work of Sofia Loren

21 June
Health – Videoconference on the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute of Bologna

21 July
Fashion&Style – Anna Rita Tamponi: the language of Italian fashion

29 September
History – Michael Alder: the rise and fall of the Roman Empire

27 October
Music – Christopher Latham: a tribute to Maria Callas

24 November
End–of year function – Dante Musica Viva, cooking competition, refreshments


2015 Cultural Activities

5  March
Food, Art and History – Grazia Miccichè, Dept of Italian at the ANU: “The art of cooking and eating in Italy”

6  March
Society – videoconference with Italian author and journalist Pino Aprile: “Terroni? Undeserved vilification of Southern Italians”

9 April
Science – David Wilson: Galileo v the Church – who was the hero and who the villain?

18 June
Literature – Gino Moliterno (ANU’s Film Studies): celebrating Dante’s 750th birth anniversary

16 July
History – Elizabeth Minchin, Centre for Classical Studies at the ANU: “The garden in the ancient Roman world: what can we learn from Pompeii and Herculaneum?”

1 October
Presentation – Mathew Trinca, Director of the National Museum of Australia: “The Italians in Australian Museums: how we represent the Italian diaspora through objects and their stories”

11 October
Poetry – Reading of Italian poetry at Manning Clark House

29 October
Music – Christopher Latham: Puccini – the populist revolutionary

26 November
End-of year function – Dante Musica Viva & other entertainment; culinary competition; refreshments