12 February: Day of Remembrance 2023 held by the Giuliani Association of Canberra

12 February: Day of Remembrance 2023 held by the Giuliani Association of Canberra

An event supported by the Dante Alighieri Society of Canberra.

The Giuliani Association of Canberra, since the establishment of the “Day of Remembrance”, a national event in Italy and in the world, has sponsored and supported the commemorative ceremonies in Canberra with the diplomatic participation of the Italian Embassy since 2006.

The “Day of Remembrance” is the commemorative day formally established since 2004 by law n.32 voted by the Parliament and promulgated by the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano in memory of “February 10, 1947” date which refers to the signing of the Peace Treaty of Paris with which Italy was forced to cede part of its national territory to Yugoslavia thus starting the last and definitive ‘Exodus’ of our compatriots from Istria, Fiume and Dalmazia.

This date was taken as a symbol of an infamous tragedy that began already in 1943 with the first exodus and the first phase of genocide, which continued after 1945 with greater intensity, both due to the violence of Tito’s troops committed to erasing every sign of Italian identity, and for the deafening silence of the governments of the time forced by ‘reason of state’ not to intervene in defence of a people whose only fault was not wanting to lose their Italian identity. Finally, today in Italy after more than half a century of silence the pages of history books speak of the ‘foibe’ and mention the violence and abuse against the Italians by Tito’s Yugoslav troops, and the exodus of our compatriots who, forced to abandon their land, houses and possessions, have gone through this painful experience.



11.00 Santa Messa alla Cattedrale di San Cristoforo, 55 Franklin Street, Forrest ACT
12.30 Cerimonia al Centro Culturale Italiano, 80/82 Franklin Street, Forrest ACT
Seguirá la cerimonia un piccolo rinfresco.




11.00 am Holy Mass at Saint Christopher’s Cathedral, 55 Franklin Street, Forrest ACT
12.30 pm Ceremony at the Italian Cultural Centre, 80/82 Franklin Street, Forrest ACT
The ceremony will be followed by a small refreshment.

A message from President Maria Donda:


Il momento si avicina percio’, a nome dell’Associazione da me presieduta, avrei molto piacere se, voi tutti, ci onorassero con la vostra presenza a commemorare insieme a noi, in memoria condivisa, ‘Il Giorno del Ricordo’.

Qui’ come in tutte le comunita’ Italiane sparse in girro  al mondo, si accetta con orgoglioso dovere il compito di commemorare questa infame storia italiana degna di tutta l’importanza, rispetto ed  onore che meritatamente riceve.                    

Percio’ Io spero vivamente che, animati da sentimenti di solidarieta’ e affettuosa fratellanza, Voi accettiate questo invito e di vedervi orgogliosi e numerosi a questo richiamo.

Un cordiale abbraccio                                                 

Sig, Mario Donda Jr.
Cav. Uff. OSI.