Poetry corner - De André

Poetry corner – De André

With Bob Dylan winning the Nobel prize for literature, it is appropriate to draw attention to an Italian singer-songwriter whose lyrics were deeply influenced by…

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Poetry corner - L’angolo della poesia

Poetry corner – L’angolo della poesia

November 2 marks the 42nd anniversary of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s death. The motives for his homicide have never been satisfactorily ascertained or revealed. The young…

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Poetry Corner - Umberto Saba

Poetry Corner – Umberto Saba

Poet and novelist Umberto Saba was born in 1883 in Trieste when the city was under the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and died in 1957 in nearby…

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Poetry Corner - Franco Fortini

Poetry Corner – Franco Fortini

Contemporary poet Franco Fortini was born in Florence in 1917 and died in Milan in 1994. He graduated in Law and Humanities. With a Jewish…

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Shakespeare as an Italian - A presentation by Mark O'Connor

Shakespeare as an Italian – A presentation by Mark O’Connor

Our cultural presentation on 6 April 2017 was a talk with the intriguing title “Shakespeare as an Italian”, given by Canberra-based poet and university lecturer,…

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